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      Quality attributes and drying rate of Silver Cyprinid (Rastrineobola Argentea) during different processing methods [1]
      Resistance to rice yellow mottle virus and performance of selected improved rice genotypes in Central Uganda [1]
      The role of metabolites in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) resistance to Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) [1]
      Role of Seed and Aphid Vectors in Proliferation of Tomato Virus Diseases on Small Holder Farms in Kasese District, Uganda [1]
      Rosette virus disease complexes assessment and development of groundnut regeneration protocol in Uganda [1]
      Socio-economic predictors of dependence on Non-timber forest products: lessons from Mabira Central Forest Reserve Communities [1]
      Status of cassava mosaic disease and molecular characterization of associated geminiviruses in Malawi [1]
      Sustainable water use in Lake Edward-George Basin: A case study of River Mubuku-Sebwe sub catchments [1]
      Use of information communication technologies in conservation agriculture knowledge pathways among smallholder farmers in Machakos and Laikipia counties, Kenya [1]
      Use of Underutilized Elite Banana Cultivars in the Production of Composite Tomato Ketchup [1]
      Wastewater treatment practices by tanneries: Case of Skyfat Tannery and Leather Industries of Uganda Tanneries, Jinja, Uganda [1]
      Wildlife damage and control methods around Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda [1]
      Willingness of households in Wakiso District to pay more for improved water supply [1]