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      Adoption of drought tolerant maize varieties among smallholder maize farmers in Kamuli and Masindi Districts [1]
      Adoption of On-Farm Plantation Forestry by Smallholder Farmers in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of Tamarindus (Tamarindus Indica L.) Value Chain in Uganda: Identification of Opportunities and Constraints to Its Commercialization and Domestication [1]
      An assessment of smallholder dairy farmer innovations in Malawi [1]
      Attitudes of communities towards wetland conservation programmes: A case of Lutembe Bay Wetland, Wakiso District, Uganda [1]
      Baseline assessment of water quality along Nakulabye stream [1]
      Bean stem maggot resistance in root rot resistant and drought tolerant breeding lines [1]
      Belowground carbon allocation in an African forest with a history of different management practices [1]
      Composition and physico-chemical properties of grain flour and leaves of different amaranth accessions [1]
      Cooperative membership and effect on profit efficiency of coffee farmers in Kirimiro Region, Burundi [1]
      Cooperative membership and effect on profit efficiency of coffee farmers in Kirimiro Region, Burundi [1]
      Cropping system and altitude as drivers of soil Macrobiota and nutrient variability for arabica coffee production in mount Elgon region [1]
      Degeneration in quality of cassava planting material due to infection by cassava brown streak viruses [1]
      Determinants of choice of fresh tilapia marketing channel by fish cross border traders, Uganda-Kenya [1]
      Determinants of participation in the indigenous chicken market by smallholder farmers in Busia District, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of transfer of training in agronomic and post-harvest practices among small holder farmers [1]
      Distribution of bean leaf beetles and associated yield losses in Uganda [1]
      Drivers to undergraduate students's perceived acquisition of agricultural practical skills through field attachment : The case of Gulu University [1]
      Economic analysis of cassava bioethanol production by small holder farmers in Northern Uganda [1]
      Economic efficiency of mangoes-based agroforestry systems in Buzaya County, Kamuli District Uganda [1]