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      Factors Affecting Academic Achievement of Children with Special Needs in Uganda Primary Education [1]
      Factors affecting adolescents' utilization of antenatal services in Western Uganda. [1]
      Factors affecting decisions regarding child bearing among persons living With HIV/AIDS in Uganda: A study of Kampala and Jinja [1]
      Factors affecting uptake of voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS in Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting use of family planning services among sexually active adolescents in Uganda. [1]
      Factors affecting utilisation of health facilities for child delivery among women in Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting utilisation of reproductive health services by the youth in internally displaced people’s camps in Kitgum District [1]
      Factors affecting utilization of health care services in Uganda by 2002/2003. [1]
      Factors affecting utilization of prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) in Busia District, Uganda [1]
      Factors associated with academic achievement of primary six pupils in Uganda [1]
      Factors associated with acquisition of new sexual partners and HIV among married men in Rakai District, Uganda [1]
      Factors Associated With Cervical Cancer Screening. A Case Study of Mukono Municipality [1]
      Factors associated with changes in teenage pregnancy in rural areas in Malawi between 2010 and 2016 [1]
      Factors Associated With Contraceptive Discontinuation Among Women (15-49 Years) In Uganda [1]
      Factors associated with cross generational sex among university female students in Uganda [1]
      Factors associated with health seeking behaviour for STD among adolescents (ages 10-19 years) in Uganda [1]
      Factors Associated With Intimate Partner Emotional Violence among Women in Union in Uganda [1]
      Factors associated with Intimate partner violence among Ugandan women age 20-29 years [1]
      Factors Associated With Malnutrition in Children Aged Between 6-24 Months in Luuka District [1]
      Factors associated with maternal deaths among women with severe pregnancy complications in Malawi: a case of Mangochi District [1]