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      Impact of changing from commercial transaction levy (CTL) and sales tax to value added tax (VAT) on economic growth in Uganda for the period 1987-2012 [1]
      Impact of teenage pregnancies and childbirth on the health status of young mothers in Busia District, East Africa [1]
      The implications of antiretroviral therapy/drugs (ART/ARVs) on sexual behavior and the prevention of HIV in Mubende, Uganda [1]
      Integrating family planning data in Uganda’s Health Management Information System [1]
      Intimate partner violence and current modern contraceptive use among married women in Uganda: A cross-sectional study [1]
      A KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices) study on abstinence as an HIV preventive strategy among adolescents in Kampala Secondary Schools. [1]
      Knowledge of Millennium Development Goals among University Faculty in Uganda and Kenya [1]
      Knowledge, attitudes and practices of youth towards HIV/AIDS: A case of Northern Uganda region [1]
      Mental illness in uganda: factors associated with recovery time of bipolar disorder patients at Butabika Hospital, Kampala. [1]
      Modeling the longevity of completion of higher degree studies at Makerere University [1]
      Modelling adherence to antiretroviral therapy(ART) among Adolescents (15-24 years) in Uganda: A Case of Mildmay – Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Modelling factors associated with mother to child HIV transmission in Uganda: A case of Buikwe District [1]
      Multi-factor models for airline delays, case study: Entebbe International Airport [1]
      Multilevel analysis of determinants of household food insecruirty in Uganda [1]
      Multilevel analysis of factors associated with child mortality in Uganda [1]
      Multiple sexual partners and sexually transmitted infections among male youths (15-24) in Uganda [1]
      On multivariate imputation and forecasting of decadal wind speed missing data [1]
      On statistical definition of free and fair election: Bivariate normal distribution model [1]
      Panel data analysis of hospital expenditure: A case of 27 catholic hospitals in Uganda [1]
      Polytechnic engineering mathematics: Assessing its relevance to the productivity of industries in Uganda [1]