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      Demographic and social-economic factors that influence teenage pregnancy in high fertility areas in Uganda: A case study of Eastern Uganda [1]
      Design and analysis of two-phase sample survey: Statistical application software [1]
      Determinants of commercial banks' credit to the private sector in Uganda (1997-2013) [1]
      Determinants of comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS among women of the reproductive age (15-49) in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of Drug Stock-outs in Ugandan Public Health Facilities [1]
      Determinants of export growth in Uganda (1987-2006) [1]
      Determinants of exposure to risky sexual behaviour among in-school young people (15-24) in Uganda: A case of Adjumani District [1]
      Determinants of future modern contraceptive method choice among women in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of HIV testing and receipt of results among female adolescents age 15-24 years in Northern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of household size: a case study of Eastern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of interest rate spread in Uganda: 1980-2013 [1]
      Determinants of male circumcision as a preventive measure against HIV/AIDS in Busoga Region, East-Central Uganda. [1]
      Determinants of Non-Traditional Exports in Uganda (2000–2016) [1]
      Determinants of postnatal care utilization among mothers in Mangochi District, Malawi [1]
      Determinants of postpartum contraceptive use among women aged 15-49 in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of pregnancy outcomes in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV knowledge in Central Uganda [1]
      Determinants of the utilization of the Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccination among women of reproductive age in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of utilization of skilled assistance during childbirth in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of value and challenges of older persons in Uganda [1]