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      Umbilical artery doppler flow patterns in high-risk pregnancy and foetal outcome in Mulago Hospital. [1]
      Umbilical cord sepsis among neonates admitted to Mulago Hospital: Bacterial aetiology, prevalence and immediate outcome [1]
      Underweight and mortality among children 0 to 60 months hospitalized with malaria in regions of varying malaria endemicity in Uganda [1]
      Urologic complications among women with advanced cervical cancer at a tertiary referral hospital in Uganda [1]
      Uterotonic efficacy of oxytocin 2.5 versus 10 units during caesarean section at mulago hospital: a double blinded clinical trial. [1]
      Utility of the ACTG staging criteria to predict survival in AIDS associated Kaposi’s Sarcoma in Uganda [1]
      Utility of transthoracic echocardiography and carotid doppler ultrasound in differential diagnosis and management of ischemic stroke in a developing country. [1]
      Utilization and factors associated with intermittent preventive treatment of malaria among women attending antenatal clinic in Mulago Hospital. [1]
      Utilization of intra-operative blood salvage in management of women with acute ruptured ectopic pregnancies in Mulago Hospital [1]
      Utilization of traditional herbal medicine among women attending antenatal clinics in mulago hospital. [1]
      Validity of fine needle aspiration in evaluation of aetiology of cervical lymphadenopathy in adult HIV positive patients in mulago hospital. [1]
      Validity of ultrasound in dignosis of scrotal filariasis in a filarial endemic area in Uganda [1]
      Variations of plasma concentrations of artemether-lumefantrine with age and weight in children presenting with uncomplicated malaria at Mulago Hospital. [1]
      Vitamin D profile among patients with acute stroke admitted to Mulago hospital. [1]
      VS411 Reduced immune activation and HIV-1 RNA levels in 28 days: randomized proof-of-concept study for antiviral-hyperactivation limiting therapeutics [1]
      Waiting time for triaged children with emergency signs in Emergency Paediatric Unit of Mulago National Referral Hospital. [1]