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      Identification of serum biomarker associated with pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis in HIV infected individuals [1]
      Identification of the insertions, deletions and point mutations in rhomboid proteases from selected Mycobacterium species [1]
      Immediate and late prognosis of intracranial birth injuries [1]
      Immediate post-abortion intra-uterine devices uptake and associated factors at the emergency gynecology unit of Mulago Hospital [1]
      Immunity to malaria [1]
      Immunological and clinical profiles of asymptomatic cryptococcal antigenemia in HIV/AIDS patients in Uganda [1]
      Impact of decision-operation interval on pregnancy outcomes among mothers who undergo emergency caesarean section at mulago hospital. [1]
      The impact of HIV status on diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Mbale District. [1]
      Impaired T-cell proliferation among HAARTtreated adults with suboptimal CD4 recovery in an African cohort [1]
      In vivo PPD reactivity and associated factors among HIV positive patients on HAART at the Makerere University Infectious Diseases Clinic. [1]
      Incidence and factors associated with antenatal HIV seroconversion among women at term presenting in Mulago Hospital [1]
      Incidence and factors associated with first line antiretroviral treatment failure in children attending the Joint Clinical Research Centre Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Incidence and predictors of mortality and the effect of tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in a cohort of TB/HIV patients commencing antiretroviral therapy [1]
      Incidence and risk factors for early neonatal death among babies with severe neonatal morbidities in Mulago Hospital [1]
      The incidence of and factors associated with wound infection among post caesarean section mothers in Mulago Hospital [1]
      Incidence of post-operative wound infections and bacterial antibiotic sensitivity patterns amongst elective orthopaedic surgery patients at Mulago hospital [1]
      Incidence of postcesarean infections in relation to HIV status in a setting with limited resources [1]
      Incidence, associated factors and immediate outcomes of acute transfusion reactions among blood recipients in Mulago Hospital [1]
      The influence of human papilloma virus vaccination on sexual behavior of adolescent girls: A case study of Nakasongola and Luwero Districts [1]
      The Influence of pre-hospital treatment of fever on severity of malaria among children 6-59 months presenting at Mulago Hospital: A case-control study [1]