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      Images of disability in Samia oral literature [1]
      Impact of front page headlines on the readership of a Newspaper: A case study of Bukedde and New Vision Newspapers [1]
      The impact of media ownership on content: a comparative study of the Daily Monitor and the New Vision newspapers. [1]
      The impact of the catechists’ prophetic ministry on the spiritual life of Bujumbura parish [1]
      The influence of business priorities on radio content in Uganda: a case study of Radio Two (Akaboozi FM) [1]
      Investigating the role of community radio in disseminating income poverty alleviation messages in rural communities: A case study of Kagadi-Kibaale Community Radio [1]
      Limits of translatability of language and cultural specificities: A case study of a translation of Runyoro-Rutooro folktales, proverbs and poems into English [1]
      Media coverage and HIV/AIDS knowledge gaps in Uganda [1]
      Modern standard logic in Luganda [1]
      Nsobola nsobola [1]
      Performing culture: An analysis of the language of contemporary Okuhingira ceremony among the Banyankore. [1]
      The portrayal of women’s rights violation in the Ugandan novel (1979 - 2006) [1]
      Print media coverage of female politicians in Uganda [1]
      Public perceptions of rhetoric communication: Case study of health media messages [1]
      Referring to information source in Kirundi: The case of lexical evidential markers. [1]
      A report on the casas: language teachers’ writing workshop basing on the unified standard orthographies of Ugandan languages [1]
      Rethinking health communication to address social contextual barriers to malaria control in Uganda [1]
      The role of radio communication in combating violence against women: A case study of Anisa FM radio in Yambio County, Gbudue State- South Sudan [1]
      See-through: Using communication in the promotion of transparency and accountability in Iganga District. [1]
      Style and dramatic achievement in John Ruganda’s drama. [1]