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      Activated carbon from cassava peels for removal of active pharmaceutical ingredients from wastewater. [1]
      Adaptation of the smart methodology to value management of the Uganda School Facilities Grant programme [1]
      An Advanced protection scheme to avert blackouts due to transmission network overload. [1]
      Analyzing the effectiveness of gasifier-produced biochar as a soil amendment in the humid tropics [1]
      Application of gas path analysis for performance monitoring and maintenance evaluation of a turbofan gas turbine [1]
      Application of process technologies for improved salt production from Lake Katwe, Uganda [1]
      Architecture and materials implications on energy efficiency in buildings [1]
      Assessing Ecosystem service values due to land use and land cover changes in the forested landscapes of Hoima District. [1]
      Assessing the impacts of climate change on rain fed agriculture and the use of rainwater harvesting for mitigating its effects in Teso sub-region. [1]
      Assessing the impacts of land use and land cover change on stream flows of river Kyambura [1]
      Assessing the integrated impact of climate and land use/cover changes on groundwater recharge [1]
      Assessment and modeling of grid related factors that influence quality of supply to industrial customers [1]
      Assessment of bus service travel time variability on designated bus routes in Kampala Capital City [1]
      Assessment of Bushenyi-Ishaka water treatment and supply system using the water safety planning approach [1]
      An assessment of hydrokinetic potential in the Maputo Basins, Mozambique [1]
      Assessment of packaging materials for storage of Biogas in portable containers [1]
      Assessment of the adequacy of the existing access of Entebbe International Airport for long term operations [1]
      Assessment of the effectiveness of the Mbarara regional feeder roads mechanical workshop operations for the period 2000 to 2006. [1]
      Assessment of the performance of a direct dual media (anthracite and sand) filtration system in drinking water treatment using filter columns [1]
      Assessment of the suitability and safety of using urine diverting dry toilets and their excreta-derived products. A case of Wakiso and Luwero Districts - Uganda [1]