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      “Disco la yesu” music in the Evangelical Lutheran Church: A strategy for evangelization in the Northwestern Diocese, Bukoba, Tanzania [1]
      Discontinuation and modification of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-infected Ugandans prevalence and associated factors. [1]
      Discontinuation of cost sharing in Uganda [1]
      Discordance: Cause of marriage separation as opposed to the Catholic teaching of indissolubility of marriage: Lukaya Parish. [1]
      Discovery and verification of osteopontin and Beta-2-microglobulin as promising markers for staging Human African Trypanosomiasis [1]
      Discovery of Oil: Community perceptions and expectations in Uganda’s Albertine Region [1]
      Disease registry system [1]
      Dismantling reified African culture through localised homosexualities in Uganda. [1]
      Dissemination of Soil Fertility Management Technologies for Improved Livelihoods by Farmer Groups in Pallisa District, Uganda [1]
      Dissertation barriers to timely initiation of antiretroviral therapy among HIV infected children admitted to mulago hospital paediatric wards. [1]
      Distance learning library services in Ugandan universities [2]
      Distinguishing kaolinites and smectite clays from Central and Eastern Uganda using acidity, pH, colour and composition [1]
      Distributed honeypot system for analyzing attack processes and behaviors on the Internet [1]
      Distributed topology control for mobile Ad Hoc networks: exploring the P/NP boundary [1]
      The distribution and abundance of free-flying African Grey Parrots in Kampala District, Uganda. [1]
      Distribution and biocontrol potential of phlD+ pseudomonads in corn and soybean fields [1]
      Distribution and characterization of sweet potato alternaria blight isolates in Uganda [1]
      The distribution and estimation of Myrianthus holstii, Engl., a low density dioecious tree species in Binp, Uganda using the belt-transect and the distance line-transect methods [1]
      Distribution and status of crocodylus suchus in and around Kidepo Valley National Park, North-Eastern Uganda [1]
      Distribution of bean leaf beetles and associated yield losses in Uganda [1]