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      D-xylose absorption in Ugandan patients with fever [1]
      Delayed presentation and diagnosis of patients with primary malignant musculoskeletal tumours seen at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Demographic variables, social support, and depression among persons testing for HIV/AIDS [1]
      Depression and Its relationship to work status and income among HIV clients in Uganda [1]
      Depression symptoms and cognitive function among individuals with advanced HIV infection initiating HAART in Uganda [1]
      Depression with pain co morbidity and factors associated among HIV positive patients [1]
      Description of stroke subtypes and known associated risk factors among adult stroke patients at mulago hospital. [1]
      Determinants and time to blood transfusion among thermal burn patients admitted to Mulago Hospital [1]
      Determinants of infant growth in Eastern Uganda: a community-based cross-sectional health study [1]
      Developing independent investigators for clinical research relevant for Africa [1]
      Developing methods of evaluation appropriate to undergraduate teaching in general practice at Glasgow University [1]
      Diagnostic accuracy of admission lactate for injury severity and as a predictor of early outcome among trauma patients in Mulago Hospital [1]
      The diagnostic accuracy of Cepheid’s gene xpert test for diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion among adult patients in mulago hospital [1]
      The diagnostic accuracy of cervical ultrasound in acute bacterial meningitis in infants at Mulago Hospital. [1]
      Diagnostic accuracy of the genexpert system among children with pulmonary tuberculosis at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Diagnostic accuracy of Tzanakis score in acute appendicitis in Mulago Hospital [1]
      Diagnostic knee arthroscopy: findings and their correlation with clinical impressions at mulago hospital. [1]
      Diagnostic reference levels for lumbar spine x-ray examinations in eight x-ray health units in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Difference in risk factors for breast cancer by ER status in an Indigenous African population. [1]
      Dissertation barriers to timely initiation of antiretroviral therapy among HIV infected children admitted to mulago hospital paediatric wards. [1]