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      Fish and water provisioning to the local communities by Naigombwa Wetland in Iganga District, Uganda [1]
      Flood risk induced relocation in urban areas. Case studies of Bwaise and Natete, Kampala [1]
      Gender based factors influencing farmer participation in marketing of climbing beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Kabale District South Western Uganda [1]
      Genetic study of cowpea resistance to flower bud thrips (Megalurothrips sjostedti Trybom) [1]
      Genetics of Cowpea resistance to Bruchid (Callosobruchus maculatus Fab.) [1]
      Human Ecology and Household Socio-Economic Determinants of Community Forestry Projects in Uganda [1]
      Impact of climate change on agricultural production in a montane agro-ecological zone of Bufumbo Sub-county, Mbale District, Easter Uganda. [1]
      Impact of Tannery effluent discharge on the Nabajjuzi Wetland Ecosystem [1]
      Impacts of upstream oil and gas activities on environment, well-being and tourism in the Albertine Region of Uganda: Local community perspectives [1]
      Incidence and molecular variability of cassava brown streak disease in Rwanda [1]
      Integrated nutrient and moisture management for improved upland rice production in Uganda [1]
      The management and conservation of woody plants in Uganda's urban settings [1]
      Nutrition education competencies needed by agricultural extension workers in Uganda [1]
      Oil infrastructure development: Displacement and livelihood implications for communities in Kabaale parish, Buseruka Sub County-Hoima District [1]
      Optimization of numerical models for operational weather forecasting in Uganda [1]
      Orange fleshed sweet potato as a potential colourant in bread [1]
      Performance evaluation of vegetable based bio-filtration system for treating fish pond effluent [1]
      Performance of subsurface flow constructed wetlands in domestic wastewater treatment and their potential in increasing greenhouse gas emissions at Bugolobi, Kampala [1]
      Pesticides residues in soil and mountain gorilla food plants in and around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park [1]
      Postharvest changes along supply chains of Solanum aethiopicum (Shum) (nakati) and Amaranthus lividus (Linn) (bugga) leafy vegetables [1]