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      L-band and VHF response to scintillation activity during the ascending phase of sunspot cycle 24 in the Equatorial Region of East African [1]
      Landslide occurrences in the hilly areas of Bududa District in Eastern Uganda and their causes [1]
      Life history traits and growth of Nile Perch, Lates Niloticus (l.), in Lake Victoria, Uganda: Implications for management of the fishery [1]
      Localization in different categories [1]
      A mathematical model for the transmission dynamics and optimal control strategy of Coffee Wilt disease [1]
      Modelling the severity of dual and co-Infection with malaria in populations with persistent and re-emerging Infections. [1]
      The molecular biology of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine drug resistance of plasmodium falciparum strains in Uganda [1]
      Molecular speciation of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) from pulmonary TB patients in Southern regions of Ghana [1]
      Morphological and molecular characterization of bivalves with respect to their diversity and distribution in Murchison Bay, Lake Victoria, Uganda [1]
      Ocurence of culturable Vibrio Cholerae from Lake Victoria, and Rift Valley Lakes Albert and George, Uganda [1]
      On algebraic and topological properties of continuous functions over a compact Hausdorff space [1]
      On generalized solutions of locally Fuchsian ordinary differential equations [1]
      On Hulls of Semiprime Rings [1]
      Optimising spawning conditions and growth performance of larvae and juveniles in Barbus altianalis (Boulenger, 1900) [1]
      Organochlorine pesticides in honey and soils from areas surrounding an abandoned store at Masindi District, Western Uganda [1]
      Performance evaluation of 830 kWp grid-connected photovoltaic power plant at Kamuzu International Airport - Malawi [1]
      Performance of rotifer (Brachionus Calyciflorus Pallas) fed on chlorella cultured on locally available nutrient materials [1]
      Phenetic, distribution and genetic structure of Acacia Senegal (L.) Willd in Uganda. [1]
      Phytochemical and bio-activity evaluation of Commicarpus plumbagineus standl: A medicinal plant used traditionally in reproductive health care in Uganda [1]
      Phytogenetic analysis by 16s rRNA gene sequence of a protease-secreting thermophilic bacterial isolate KITNT-3 from Kiteezi landfill [1]