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      Perceived organizational support, operant competences and employee engagement among Ugandan Bankers [1]
      Performance management practices and managed performance: The moderating influence of organisational culture and climate [1]
      Personality, career success and career transition intention among working graduates in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Personality, marital satisfaction and domestic violence among married women in Kampala District [1]
      Personality, psychological capital and startup capital–entrepreneurial success relationship. [1]
      Psycho-social impact of domestic violence on mothers and children: A case study of Katabi Sub-County in Wakiso District [1]
      Psychological distress, help seeking behavior and suicidal ideation among school going teenagers in Uganda [1]
      A psychological evaluation of mental state levels of families in Uganda using systemic lenses. [1]
      The relationship between teachers’ competences, role clarity, organizational citizenship behavior and school performance [1]
      Resilience, aggression, and psychological wellbeing among military youth (UPDF) [1]
      Self-disclosure, accessing counseling services and psychological well-being among HIV-positive women. [1]
      Self-esteem, peer influence and risky sexual behaviour among university students [1]
      Self-esteem, risky sexual behaviour and academic achievement among secondary school students in Wakiso Town Council [1]
      Self-esteem, violent behavior and peer relationships among adolescents that witnessed domestic violence [1]
      Sex, Social Support and Self-Disclosure of People Living With HIV/AIDS [1]
      Strategic human resources management practices, leadership style, and employee empowerment [1]
      Stressors, coping strategies, anxiety and depression among mental health proffessionals [1]
      Students’ attitudes towards pornography, sexual attitudes, and sexual practices2009 [1]
      Teachers’ attitudes, perceptions and responses towards children’s mental distress [1]
      Work stress, job commitment and performance among Makerere University lecturers [1]