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      Decentralisation and financial management in Uganda’s local governments: A case study of Mbarara District, 2001 - 2006. [1]
      Decentralisation and institutional mechanisms of accountability in Uganda’s local governments: a case study of Adjumani District [1]
      Decentralisation and the quality of education in rural government aided primary schools in Uganda: A case study of Kayunga district. [1]
      Decentralization as an effective means of promoting the right to health: a case study of Kabale Municipality, Kabale District. [1]
      Deeper understanding of the Holy Eucharist: A strategy to strengthen faith among Catholics in Kalungu Parish-Masaka Diocese [1]
      The determinants of provision of primary health care services in Eastern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of school dropout under Universal Primary School Education (UPE) in Uganda: a case study of Iganga District [1]
      The development of an integrated education system in selected muslim schools in Buganda (1980-2002) [1]
      Dextrose boluses versus burette dextrose infusions in prevention of hypoglycemia among preterms admitted at Mulago Hospital: An open label randomized clinical trial [1]
      “Disco la yesu” music in the Evangelical Lutheran Church: A strategy for evangelization in the Northwestern Diocese, Bukoba, Tanzania [1]
      Discordance: Cause of marriage separation as opposed to the Catholic teaching of indissolubility of marriage: Lukaya Parish. [1]
      The domestic relations bill and its likely impact on property ownership of women in Uganda: a case study of Kumi district . [1]
      Domestic violence in police barracks in the Uganda police force: A case study of Kampala extra region [1]
      Donor support and Universal Primary Education (UPE) in Uganda: the case of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the African Development Bank (ADB), 1997 – 2007 [1]
      The dynamics of peace building in South Kivu, 2004-2011, Democratic Republic of Congo. [1]
      The dynamics of political leadership and democracy in Uganda, 1962-2011: A Case study of Kabale District [1]
      Education service provision in situations of conflict and emergencies: the case of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Gulu District, Uganda [1]
      The effect of anti-life crimes on the mission of the church in Kibuye Makindye catholic parish in light of evangelium vitae (gospel of life) [1]
      The effect of domestic violence on child upbringing in Mirembe Maria Parish, Mubende District in the light of Humanae Vitae [1]
      The effect of gender relations on access to and utilization of ARVs in Uganda: A Case study of Rushere and Mulago TASO Centers. [1]