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      Health financing strategies and performance of health systems in Uganda: A case of selected hospitals in Kampala District [1]
      Households asset accumulation and savings in Uganda [1]
      Human resource capacity assessment for Humanity and Social Sciences Colleges in Makerere University [1]
      Human resource policies and employee performance: a case study of Foris Telecom (U) Ltd. [1]
      Human resource practices and employee retention: A case study of National Social Security Fund Uganda (NSSF) [1]
      Human resource practices, empowerment, procedural justice, commitment and teacher OCB in schools: a case of selected public secondary schools in Kampala and Wakiso Districts [1]
      Human resource value proposition (HRVP) and employee retention: A case study of Bank of Uganda (BOU) [1]
      Human Resources Retention in Local Government: Review of Uganda’s Policy and Institutional Mechanisms for Performance [1]
      Immigration and foreign direct investments in Uganda [1]
      The impact of commercial bank account dormancy on bank performance in Uganda: A case study of Equity Bank Uganda Limited [1]
      The impact of credit accessibility on women welfare: A case study of BRAC (Busia branch) [1]
      The impact of effective customer service management practices on the competitiveness of credit institutions in Uganda: A case study of Post Bank Limited [1]
      The impact of exchange rate on exports in Uganda [1]
      Impact of financial development on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Impact of financial management on the survival of small scale enterprises in Usafi Market - Kampala [1]
      The impact of innovations on organizational performance: A case study of National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Kampala [1]
      The impact of mobile money services on the performance of the commercial banking sector in Uganda (A case study of MTN mobile money) [1]
      The impact of non performing loans on commercial banks in Uganda: A case study of Centenary Rural Development Bank (CERUDEB) [1]
      Impact of operational budgeting on procurement performance: a case of manufacturing firms in the Jinja Industrial Hub. [1]
      The impact of project management on the performance of construction projects in public tertiary institutions in Uganda: The case of Makerere University [1]