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      Buganda Courts Ordinance, 1940 [1]
      Buganda eyénsikirano [1]
      Buganda government [1]
      The Buganda Land Holding Question [1]
      Building capacity for HIV/AIDS program leadership and management in Uganda through mentored Fellowships [1]
      Building Effective Healthcare Systems: Evidence Based Training and Practice [1]
      Bukuru nimbi [1]
      Bumsters, big black organs and old white gold: Embodied racial myths in sexual relationships of Gambian beach boys. [1]
      Burden of care, subjective wellbeing and depression among caregivers of mentally ill patients in Butabika and Mulago Hospitals [1]
      Burden of cumulative risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases among adults in Uganda: Evidence from a national baseline survey [1]
      Burden of tuberculosis in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Bureaucratic practices and teachers’ performance in Primary schools in Kampala District [1]
      A burgeoning epidemic of sleeping sickness in Uganda [1]
      Bursary monitoring system [1]
      Bursary monitoring system: case study - Kenya High Commission in Uganda [2]
      Bush pig density, distribution and crop raiding trends around the Northern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, South Western Uganda [1]
      Business climate and firm sales performance In Uganda [1]
      Business Development Service and the Performance of Informal Businesses in Uganda: The Case of Pride Microfinance [1]
      Business information systems: case study: Foot Protection Services (U) Ltd. [1]
      A Business intelligence tool for analysis of drug dispensing by HIV/AIDS support organisations [1]