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      Attitudinal, gender and administrative factors of internal deployment of female mathematics teachers in primary schools in Kampala District [1]
      Attrition from Antiretroviral Treatment and the Factors Associated With Attrition from Antiretroviral Treatment among Adult Clients: A Case of Clients at TASO in Uganda [1]
      Audio digitization of music: redefining creation,production and dissemination of popular music in Uganda [1]
      Audiological status, HIV/AIDS knowledge and sexual behaviour of youth [1]
      Audit committee characteristics, internal audit personnel characteristics, perceptions of organisational justice and internal audit quality: the case of MDIs and MFIs [1]
      Audit committee practices and accountability: The case of public institutions of higher learning in Uganda. [1]
      Audit rates, penalties, Fairness and tax compliance in Uganda Revenue Authority. [1]
      Augmentation of Apoptosis and Interferon-g Production at sites of active Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infection in Human Tuberculosis [1]
      An authentication algorithm for wireless local area networks [1]
      Authoritarian parenting styles, substance abuse and externalized behaviour among secondary school students [1]
      Automated car parking monitoring system [1]
      Automated diagnosis of malaria with scale invariant feature transforms and cascades of boosted classiers. [1]
      An automated information system for Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) [1]
      An automated music scheduler for a radio station [1]
      An automated school records management system [1]
      An automated system for minimizing preventable medical errors [1]
      An automated system for patient record management: a case study of St. Francis Hospital Nsambya [1]
      An automated transaction system for Baraka Auto Parts [1]
      Automatic fees structuring system [1]
      Automation of a billing system for discotheques [1]