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      Sources and inheritance of resistance to Sesame Webworm in Uganda [1]
      Sources of business information and means of access used by SMEs in Uganda: the case of Northern Uganda [1]
      Spatial and matrix influences on the biogeography of insect taxa in forest fragments in Central Uganda [1]
      Spatial and seasonal dynamics of rangeland herbage: An integration of proxy and direct monitoring approaches . [1]
      Spatial and topological characterization of road traffic accidents in Rwanda [1]
      Spatial decision support tool for cholera risk mapping in urban areas [1]
      A spatial decision support tool for identifying evacuation routes for landslide victims [1]
      A Spatial Decision Support Tool for Landfill Site Selection [1]
      A Spatial decision support tool for landfill site selection for Municipal solid waste management [1]
      Spatial distribution and habitat characterisation of anopheles mosquito adults and larvae in Nyabushozi County, Kiruhura District. [1]
      Spatial distribution of savannah large mammals in relation to oil exploration drilling in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda [1]
      Spatial phylodynamics of HIV-1 epidemic emergence in East Africa. [1]
      Spatial-temporal patterns and risk factors for respiratory infection outbreaks among mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National park in 2016 [1]
      Spatio-temporal crime analysis and mapping system [1]
      Speaking to the center: a postcolonial study of the English language in Okot's song of Lawino and song of Ocol [1]
      Special topics in computing and ICT research: strengthening the role of ICT in development [2]
      Species and antifungal susceptibility of Candida causing Vulvovaginal candidiasis among pregnant mothers attending the antenatal clinic at Mulago National Referral Hospital [1]
      Species and genotypic diversity of non-tuberculous mycobacteria isolated from children investigated for pulmonary tuberculosis at the Iganga/Mayuge demographic surveillance site [1]
      Spectroscopic analysis of heterogeneous biocatalysts for biodiesel production from expired Sunflower cooking oil [1]
      Spectrum management policy framework for mobile communications: a case study of Uganda [1]